The club has a steering Committee comprising twelve office bearers eleven committee members and three permanent patrons. All policy decisions are taken by the club's steering Committee and are subjected to the approval of executive committee ahead of implementation. The steering committee members are s/s Johnson Mathew, Prof. Maloor Muraleedharan, Dr. B. Udayanan, P. P. Ramachandran Pillai, N. R. Sivadas, Dinil Divakar, R. Hemkumar, M. S. Sanal Kumaran Potti, N. G. Reghu Anandan Nair, P. S. Vijayan, and Suresh Kaniparambil. The permanent patrons are Adv. T. N. Upendra Natha Kurup, V. N. Unni and P. S Nair. At present the club has 900 members and the annual general body meeting is held on or before 30th April every year. The financial period of the club commences from Ist April to 31 st March. The term of office of the office bearers is three years.