The club has a Kathakali troupe of its own and is conducting Kathakali plays in temple precincts during festivities providing opportunities to the young artistes to perform their talents. Apart from temple programme the troupe is conducting Kathakali workshops and Kathakali programme in school and colleges as past of their curriculum.

The style of functioning of the troupe is rather different from that of other Kathakali troupe in Kerala. Certain experimental innovations have been made in this unique art form by codifying attakathas extracted from Biblicak stories, poems, Vadakken tolk tales etc. Accordingly the stories like ' Abrahaminte Bali', Mudiyanaya Puthran were codified in to Kathakali verses and staged after having completed cholliyattam (rehearsal) in Natyabharathi Kathakali Centre. Apart from being the stories extracted from the Holy Bible we have choreographed 'Kurathi' and 'Kattalan' the two renowned poems penned by the doyen of Malayalam poet late Kadammanitta Ramakrishnan and presented before Kathakali enthusiasts and had an unprecedented recognition.

The Kathakali troupe consists of 20 artists of various faculties and Kalamandalam Arun is the troupe manager. Aranmula Omanakuttan and Ayroor Pradeep are the crew members.